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Manuscripts, Short Works, Consultation

Manuscripts and Short Works

Book-length manuscripts

Full Editorial Developmental Package
This service includes a full developmental/global edit. The commentary, on-text notes and edit suggestions, as well as a full written report will focus on big picture issues (such as plot, narrative line/arc, character development, pacing, structure, organization), as well as story and craft elements (dialogue, scene/setting, tone, story, continuity, rhythm/prose, etc.).

You will receive a summary report (about 5-8 single-spaced pages), and be able to participate in three telephone calls (one before, one during, one after); plus, unlimited emails for a few weeks after return of materials.

⋅ up to 280* pages - $950.
⋅ Additional pages - $2.50/ each
⋅ Line and copy edits (including PUGS - punctuation, usage, grammar, spelling; word choice, syntax, etc.) — additional $1.25/page

The Read and Report Only package
This is the right choice if you are looking for a professional summary overview of the manuscript (with a faster turn-around, but without detailed on-text notes or edits). It includes a close reading; overview report (about two pages); two phone calls (before & after); limited emails.

⋅ up to 280* pages - $285
⋅ Additional pages $1.75/ each

All page counts are calculated at: 300 words = one page

Individual pieces of (short) writing

⋅ $ 6.50 per original page
⋅ $ 3.50 per revised page (second / subsequent versions)

(A $100 minimum payment is required; each short project will then be deducted until the full amount is depleted.) 


Telephone/Skype: $80/hour; $40/half-hour
In-person: $ 100 / hour

To get started, please email me.

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