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What some of Lisa’s clients and students say about working with her:

Many thanks to Lisa Romeo, writer extraordinaire, who reviewed my first attempts at writing my stories (before I knew I had a book) and turned most of them on their heads with fantastic edits and suggestions, making them so much better.
— Emily Wanderer Cohen, author of From Generation to Generation: Healing Intergenerational Trauma through Storytelling (Difference Press 2017)

I am so grateful for all Lisa has done to support my work.
— Elaine Braff, co-author of We’re No Fun Anymore: Helping Couples Cultivate Joyful Marriages Through the Power of Play (Routledge 2012)

Lisa Romeo provided solid coaching. She helped get me over the hump.
— Ann Anderson Evans, author of Daring to Date Again: A Memoir (SheWrites Press 2014)

I owe a debt of gratitude to Lisa Romeo for her gentle yet firm editing. She made me laugh, she provided encouragement, and offered invaluable advice. Her eagle eye, her sense of story, and her love of craft, highlighted improvements I was just too close to see.
— Adela Crandell Durkee, author of A Ship of Pearl (Black Tortoise Press 2016)

You are a f^%#ing genius! OMG you nailed it. You got the story, and me and the feelings, all with such flair. I remain in awe of and respect of your writing talent.
— J.P. (ghostwriting client)

Everything changed for me when I took Lisa Romeo's amazing memoir writing class at Rutgers. The happiest part of my day became lunchtime when I could close my office door and write passages that flew out of my head in response to Lisa's writing prompts. It was electrifying. Lisa so inspired me that I applied to an MFA program.
— Kitta McPherson, award-winning science journalist (now a graduate of the Fairleigh Dickenson University MFA program)

An inspiring and highly informative teacher.
— Lorraine DePasque

Lisa is a clear-eyed and helpful critic.
— Cindy Fey

Thank you so much for your feedback and writer’s wisdom. I feel grateful for your constancy throughout the process. It’s been great working with you.
— H.P.

Thanks so much Lisa! Your critiques are always so clear and brilliant!
— S.A.

I love that Lisa doesn’t give exact rules, but lays out all the sides and asks the writer to check in with themselves. I’ve had teachers who take control of your writing and others who say it’s wonderful and never criticize or offer feedback. What makes Lisa special is she respects the student’s own style and leads them to their own answers.
— G.A.

You were not just informative but you did it in such a warm, caring way that came across to attendees. Thank you so much for making our day so wonderful and special.
— organizer, 2015 writing conference

You helped me get back to my pen, and I am most grateful.
— V.A.

Lisa, you are a tough teacher but I learned so very much about the craft of writing. I appreciate your writing wisdom and the time and effort you put into our feedback.
— P.T.

This class was a landmark in my writing career. Lisa made the art of writing clear. I learned a great deal and gained confidence. This was a giant step forward in my writing life.
— Susan

The biggest change for me is that I’ve started writing regularly again. I’ve recognized what habits of were holding me back and now have a solid plan that works for me.
— Lee Waxenberg

Thanks so much for this class. It took me to a new depth.
— T.C.

Wanted to let you know the class has been of great value for me.
— K.M.

I love how you keep us on point in workshop, and provide immensely useful feedback.
— V.A

I was ready for something to shift, but I didn't know how to make it happen by myself. What I've gotten from working with you is the quiet kind of magic that I know will last. I have a plan now for my writing life. Writing is fun again. I can't thank you enough for helping me reconnect with all of that. You're an amazing teacher and an incredible writer.
— Deb Shucka

Let me say again what a great experience I've had. Thank you again for your feedback and encouragement. You also made me a closer reader.
— S.S.

There was so much information, so many incredible resources (in this class) that I will be going back to my notebook for a long time to come. Lisa, your comments, nudges, critiques, encouragements and "kicks in the butt" have been totally on the mark and more helpful than I can say.
— Amy Morgan

Lisa is tough and nurturing and inspiring all at once.
— Theta Pavis

One of the best teachers I've had. Thanks for much for the experience, Lisa!
— Elaine Kehoe

I’ve taken a lot of writing classes, but I never understood the value of reading slowly — or what it truly meant — until I started doing essay critiques, as guided by Lisa. Thank you!
— J.R.

I am astounded at the personal attention that Lisa was able to give me.
— G.A.

All of Lisa’s comments were so incredibly valuable and spot on. Now, I am feeling more courageous about my manuscript.
— W.R.

Thanks so much for all of your helpful comments and suggestions. Thanks to you I feel like I have a direction.
— U.H.

I really love the structure of deadlines. I've spent more constructive time writing this month than I have in a LONG time!
— Cindy Fey

Thank you, Lisa, for being such an incredible teacher: straight forward, honest and present with your students. You inspire me to continue because you make the process of writing tangible.
— Angela DeSalvo

Now I think about writing every day, and more importantly, I am writing almost every day. Before, I tended to float along and procrastinate. Thank you for supporting me as a writer.
— Marilee Stark

Even months later, I still think about the things we talked about and your very helpful critiques.
— A.G.

What I didn’t know about organizing my writing life effectively, even after graduating from an M.F.A. program, was A LOT! I had vague ideas about what to work on next, but was not writing very much. Now I am writing WAY more than before, and feel so much calmer and hopeful about my ability to take my writing to the next level.
— Deborah Williamson

Thanks for your kindness and being present above and beyond for your students. I feel so grateful to be among them.
— Sharleen Leahey

Thanks so very much, Lisa. You've given me a lot to consider. All of it good, all helpful. I feel I am making progress.
— Christine McManaman


Conference Testimonials 2017

Audience reaction to Lisa’s conference presentations:

Lisa was fantastic! The most practical session of the conference.

Lisa was extremely generous with the "nuts and bolts" information she shared. She’s a master.

Useful advice, lively presentation, great combo of hard info, anecdote, enthusiasm & good organization of material.


Lisa is always on point! Poised, clear, helpful, resourceful, engaging.

Excellent: informative, well-delivered, accessible!

Dynamic presentation. Very practical, helpful tips. Top notch!

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