Lisa Romeo

Nonfiction writer. Essayist. Freelance Editor. Creative Writing Teacher. Writing Coach. Editorial Consultant. Ghostwriter. Blogger.

Selected Works

Cradle and All
narrative nonfiction
My journey through the hell of postpartum depression, before it was understood, in the days when everyone said, "snap out of it," and how it's made me a different mother.
Reported essay
Is an mfa a boost to a freelance career?
What's an MFA got to do with a freelance writing career? My thoughts, and what experts say.
Literary Essay
Two Weeks in Vegas
A raw narrative of the days following a father's death, up close and very personal, without maudlin sentiment.
Personal Essay
When a Child Outgrows the Safety Net
What happens when a boy outgrows his developmental delays and a mother must relinquish her role as advocate?

Praise for Lisa Romeo's Writing

What two distinguished writers have said about Lisa Romeo's work:

"Rich, intelligent, thoughtful, personal and investigative. What stands out is the voice, continuing to probe and wonder, open still to discovering what might be true about this interesting life of father and horses and kids and marriage. Beautiful attention to sound, rhythm, precision of word choice and pacing...characters are interestingly complicated and utterly believable. The narrator is flawed and admirable – just the kind of character we like to follow around. Intensely emotional without being maudlin."
–Barbara Hurd, Walking The Wrack Line: On Tidal Shifts and What Remains

"The sentences are so beautiful and self-assured. I feel transported. The fragmented sections in Two Weeks in Vegas, about the death of (her) father, offer a kind of fracturing and accumulation, drawing a broken picture of how life feels. Not Quite Meet-Cute has that same buoyant, unromantic tone, even though it's a love story, and works to undo assumptions about stories we tell about our most essential relationships. There's such a steady and sure quality throughout – almost aural in its delivery and smoothness."
–Debra Marquart, The Horizontal World: Growing Up Wild in the Middle of Nowhere